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Instructor Program

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Our objective is to offer you a comprehensive and highly developed course of study in Instructor training and to provide you with the skills to become a licensed Instructor with the ability to be gainfully employed. The Instructor course of study is comprised of 750 clock hours. Each of the subjects listed below will be covered in the theory and practical work.

An additional prerequisite requirement for Instructor is a valid license in Cosmetology, Manicure, or Eshtiology.

750 hours- Contractual Time Frame 7 months; Maximum Time Frame 10.5 months

Orientation, Rules and Laws: 30 hours

Visual Aids Preparation and Use: 60 hours

Learning Theory: 100 hours

State Law and Forms: 60 hours

Methods of Teaching: 180 hours

Classroom Management: 90 hours

Evaluation Techniques: 90 hours

Lesson Plans: 140 hours

Total Theory and Practical: 750 hours

All student kits include Chromebook with IPS Touch Screen, Milady Mind Tap and Milady textbook, tools, and supplies required for in class and student salon training.

Students must provide own supplies for state exam or can purchase from the Institute.

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